Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Playset Re-do Preview

Last year, we made the difficult decision to have a gigantic, noble oak tree cut down in our backyard. Feel free to read all about the saga.  It was heartbreaking.

Searching for the silver lining in the cloud, we thought about how we could use the space. We had already planted new trees in different parts of the garden so this space was free. It was enough area for the playset we thought we would never be able to fit in our yard. So this spring, a year after the tree was cut down, we were ready to build one,  only to discover we still had roots. Lots and lots of roots. Massive roots that we were chipping away at for weeks- I kid you not.

Finally we needed to bring in one of these guys again...

..my poor pavers.
But at long last, most of the roots were gone and we could begin building the playset.
 Luckily our neighbors were getting rid of the playset their grandchildren had outgrown.
"Of course we'll take it!"

However, Mr. Cabin could not leave good enough alone.
Oh no- not when you can re-hab, re-furbish and build it bigger and better!

Mr. Cabin: The canvas roof is ripped and torn maybe instead of replacing it with new canvas I can build a solid roof instead. What do you think? 
Me: That's a great idea, but can we build something that has a little character. Maybe a little cupola on top or something?
Mr. Cabin: Character? For a playset? Are you serious?
Me: Well why not?

And so with that Mr. Cabin began his super-secret building plot.

For an entire day, I was convinced he was building me a planter box.
On the ground this box he was building looked exactly like a planter box!

What it was....was a whole new level- a ladder to a lookout tower. 
A little more than what I expected when I asked him to add a little character!
No problem re-enacting Rapunzel at our house now.

The best part of the lookout is the roof. He jigsawed out stars all around three sides and on the fourth side...

a giant "S" for their shared first initial.

Even the view from inside is pretty cool.

As I write this Mr. Cabin is still in the backyard painting various parts and there is a ton of mulching and landscaping to be done. But until its done, I thought you might enjoy a little playset sneak peek!

Going to show off some of my man's work again at some of these Link Parties.

Enjoy the rest of your week,


  1. That is awesome! Your husband must be a sweetie!

  2. Very cool! Great job on being unique and fabulous! Just stopping by from Outdoor Wednesday!

  3. How cool - Your DH is mighty handy! The star cut-outs are perfect.

    Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday (post #3). If you haven't registered for our glass vessel sink giveaway, it's open until 5pm EST Wednesday.


  4. Oh, what a talented sweetie! The kids will love it!

  5. looks great love those star cut outs

  6. Wow! That is going to be fantastic playset! Lucky kids! Love the stars.

    ~ Tracy

  7. Visiting via Tatertots, this is a wonderful playground. It will hold so many memories for your twins.

  8. LOVE it!! How very talented he is...awesome!! -shaunna :)

  9. wowza!
    such a great idea. i am sure many happy hours will be spent underneath that darling roof!

  10. That is VERY cool! Now I'm off to check out the barn beds!

  11. Outstanding! You can see what's going on in the entire neighborhood now. :) What a wonderful thing to do for the kids. I'm just loving that sky view of the roof!


  12. That is awesome. Love the roof

  13. This is amazing! What a fabulous addition to make this piece a one of a kind. Fantastic work - looks incredible! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase Party. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  14. Hi Michelle! I'll be featuring your playhouse tomorrow. Stop by and grab a featured button if you like! Thanks again for linking up to The Sunday Showcase! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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