Building the Cabin

The dream to build our own little cabin was one we had for a very long time. It wasn't until we had our own little ones that we decided the time was right. Before kids, we would spend weekends at the mountain year round usually camping in just a little tent. At the top of the mountain one October night is where Mr.Cabin bent down on one knee and proposed. The mountain is special to us; the place we want to spend all of our free time.
 But as we all know, kids change everything. Suddenly our time at the mountain had dwindled down to just the summer. The spring and the fall could be too chilly, too unpredictable. We longed even more for a place that would allow us to be there year round.
After extensive research online, we found Conestoga, a log cabin company that sells kits that allow you to easily build your own cabin. OK, maybe not easily. But the plans and the materials are all there, ready for you to put it together.  Mr. Cabin said, "I can do this." And thus the decision was made and the dream became a reality. So three tumultuous weeks in May, amid rain and snow, sleet and hail and more and more rain the cabin was built. It is forever a work in progress, but it is our little slice of heaven.

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