Monday, June 14, 2010

Cabin Bathroom

This is a nursery dresser that has been passed around my family for years. Originally, I think it was my aunt's, however somehow it made it's way to my house. We weren't really using it though and I thought it could be a great piece at the cabin if I repainted it. I was hesitant though because I thought all the little nursery paintings were just darling and I didn't want to ruin them.

Solution- beadboard. We had some left over from the cottage kitchen and we didn't have to buy too much more. Mr. Cabin was able to cover up the cute little characters just in case I ever want to restore it to its original condition.

The new and improved dresser is another combination of denim blue, red and ivory.
I think it has a very fun "campy" vibe now.

The rest of the room we filled with our growing collection of tin signs.
For curtains, I drapped two shades of blue bandanas over the curtain rod.

I'm really looking forward to adding more tin signs as time goes on and completing our "rustic fun" look.

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  1. This is a truly wonderful transformation. So creative and clever!

  2. Just too too cute. I love the whimsical touches you are adding to the cabin.

  3. Oh I like it this way so much! Did Mr. Cabin just put the beadboard inside the frame of the doors or did he completely rebuild the doors?

  4. Wonderful!!! I love what Mr. Cabin did with the beadboard. It's comforting to know those darling decals are still there. I love the color combination you used. Great..great bathroom. The valance is charming and the wall decor is fun! Thanks for stopping by the other day and you're way head of the game than me but I'm up looking forward to the challange!

  5. What a cute idea. I love the look of the bathroom. Great job!

    I'm hosting a giveaway and I'd love it if you stopped by!

    Laura @ along for the ride

  6. I'm lovin' the red, white & blue. Maybe you'd consider linking this up to Fab Finds for the Fourth? Starts tomorrow. Would love for you to link this up!

  7. A huge improvement! And loving the retro colors!

  8. This is so cute and would be fabulous for a boy's room as well. I love the patriotic colors!

  9. Saw your link from My Romantic Home and had to stop by and see the cabin!!! Love how it turned out and I want that fish naked sign!!! My hubby would love that in our "cabin camper"!! Stop by if you get a chance and check out our camper remodel with a cabin theme!


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