Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wooden Wonders & Ode to Our Tree

I love wood.
That might be obvious because we did build a small log cabin. But I think wood is a thing of such beauty. A single piece of wood with its patterns of grain, knots and texture can be an exquisite masterpiece.Whether your style is cottage or cabin, coastal or contemporary- wood pieces in a home are beautiful. Traditionally we think of wood floors and furniture, but look at all of the wooden treasures below. What a wonderful way to add warmth and charm. A simple birch candle, a twig mirror, wooden wind chimes- a way to bring the outdoors in...even in the middle of the winter.

And because I am in the middle of my tribute to wood, I would also like to indulge a little and share the loss of one of my favorite pieces of wood, a majestic tree in our backyard.

This tree was a gigantic oak. Its roots rumpled all around the surface of the ground, and in those nooks and crannies I planted flowers and succulents. The path around the tree was one of my favorite parts of our garden.

Then last spring we discovered a hole at the base of the tree. We couldn't tell how big the hole really was but we knew it went down deep into the center of the tree. We were no longer sure how stable the tree was.  I started having nightmares during wind storms that the tree would fall and crush the house and us. Finally, we made the painful decision to have it cut down. Many of the people we called for estimates wouldn't even attempt the job because of the sheer size of the tree. Eventually, we did find a company willing to take the job. The day the tree came down I cried. I felt so terribly guilty for the loss of this noble giant.

In this photograph, you can get an idea of the size of the tree. The fence post next to it is seven feet tall.

Once the tree was cut we were able to investigate the hole. In the photo, Hubs is holding a standard size shovel. He was able to put it  into the hole and drop it about another five feet down. Knowing the depth of the hole, helped to ease the guilt I felt. For the safety of our family and our home, I  think we made the right decision. But I still look in the backyard where this beautiful tree once stood tall and proud and I mourn our loss.
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  1. Some beautiful shade trees in my neighborhood have had to be cut lately due to disease and such. Hope property owners will replant.

  2. Such a grand tree. I too feel your loss but it seems like you made the right decision for sure.

  3. Isn't it sad to lose a tree, we have had several die to disease, etc...but they aren't safe once they start to die...and everytime I find the silver lining...now a have a beatuiful sunny garden area where a tree once was! What a nice tribute you gave your tree! Have a great week! Miss Bloomers

  4. Whoa! That is scary. I'm glad you cut down the tree and investigated...

  5. I know how you feel. Right next door I used to look out when I was doing the dishes and see this beautiful chestnut tree. One day the neighbors cut it down. I wept. All they did was plant a few more rows of vegetables where once a perfect tree grew. Time marches on. I don't like change much. Nice step by step photos and information.
    Joyce M

  6. Gorgeous old tree. Reminds me of Shel Silverstein's book 'The Giving Tree'. Makes you step back and think about who planted it, the shade it provided, kids playing around it, and your lovely garden at the base of it. Many people enjoyed it and it was a beautiful gift. But I would have cut it down too - and cried - because it was time. Did you save any of it? Perhaps to make some of the items you shared in your first photo. That would be great!
    Thanks for your comment @ my little blog!

  7. Lots of logs. I just became your follower.

    Tunnels in Korea

  8. I think you were very wise to take down the tree. The damage it might hav caused....but we don't want to think about that, do we?

  9. What a sad loss, but it seems it was a necessary one.

  10. What a shame to have to lose this magnificent old friend. But it seems that you really had no choice for safety reasons. Lovely tribute! I hope you are having something made from it as a keepsake. Kathy

  11. I think you made the wisest decision. But it still doesn't ease the loss.


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