Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cottage Garden: Blooming Now

Just a few photos of what is blooming now in the cottage's flower garden .

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Hope you are enjoying your week..

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cabin Kitchen Shelves

We tackled quite a few projects at the cabin this past weekend. The first one I am pretty excited about because it will make our lives there a little more organized.
This is the kitchenette wall before. It is not a very big area. We contemplated hanging a wall cabinet there but I didn't want to block any of the light that was coming out of the small window to the right.

Instead we decided to put up open shelving. I really enjoy being able to see everything. We bought corbels and painted them black and distressed them. The shelves were stained cherry to match our table.

To keep life simple, I made one rule for myself about things I brought to the cabin- they have to be functional and decorative. I think these shelves are the perfect example of that.

We still need to put in lower cabinets  but I am trying to persuade Mr. Cabin they need to be RED! Wish me luck!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Yoga Room

There is no Yoga Room in our cottage. Nor is there one in the cabin.
In fact, this Yoga Room doesn't belong to me at all.
I decorated it though, so I feel a little entitled to share.

It is my sister's. Not the sister I just threw the Ladybug Baby Sprinkle    for.  She is about to pop out a little bundle of joy any day now.  :)
This is my other sister's, the fabulous bachelorette having the time of her life in her brand new first place.
When she bought the place, she came up with this plan to have us decorate it for her. Kind of like that show While You Were Out minus the tv crew and the fact that she knew about it.
Most of the things we hung on the walls for her, she had purchased. This extra bedroom she had no plans for,  so we decided to turn it into a yoga studio and suprise her.  So while she watched the kids for us, we went shopping and got to decorating.

Most of the items for the room we purchased at Ikea like the wall decals and shelf unit and baskets.

We added a soothing water fountain to enhance the relaxing mood.

My sister already had this star; it looks great hanging over the bed.

These figurines were our grandparents and they fit perfectly with the room.

I couldn't be prouder of my little sister for buying her first place all by herself.
When we did reveal it to her, she loved it like we hoped she would. It is very calming and zen.
Now if only I could get her to let me borrow it for an hour or two.
 Only problem is, I think she knows I wouldn't do yoga, I would probably just take a nap. ; )

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple Pleasures: Freshly Tilled Dirt

Ahhh- a newly tilled garden.  The ability to begin again and plant anew.

Fresh dirt.
Completely and utterly irrestible to tiny toes.

It makes me so happy and proud that my girls
like to wriggle their toes in it just as much as their mom does.

This year I promise you little plants we will take care of you. We will weed...we will water..and we will try our very best when it gets to the middle of August not to think, "I can't wait to start over again next year."

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ladybug Baby Sprinkle

As promised, I have a photograph of the finished favor I made for my sister's sprinkle. I was beyond thrilled when I wrote about my dollar store score of pink pitchers. The finished favor came out pretty darn cute- and usable too. Gotta love usable favors.

Here is our tablescape. Only fourteen guests made it easy to set one long table. The colors are a little saturated in this photo but everything was pink and red.

Down the center of the table were little white pails filled with pink roses and baby's breath.

Each guest had their own cupcake in a pedestal at their place setting.

Sugar ladybugs on the top of each pink cupcake.

A "shower" can of roses and a little ladybug welcome guests.

A basket of ladybug bath goodies.

My sister had lots of fun adding pink to her nursery but I still think I had more fun planning this party for her.

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