Our Story

The four hour drive between our cottage in the middle of suburbia and our cabin in the middle of the mountains is sometimes called crazy...
...sometimes getting stuck in traffic.
...sometimes a hundred "Are we there yet?"s.
...sometimes overdozing on coffee at the end of a long work week to stay awake for the trip.

...but sometimes- most of the time- it is those four hours stuck in the car with nothing to do but talk and think and dream that I am most grateful for.

Time to talk about all the outdoor adventures and projects waiting for us.
Time to dream and scheme- and often negotiate- for the next set of projects we will tackle.
Time to glance in the backseat and watch our two angels sleeping.
Time to wonder what it will be like if it ever all gets done.
Time to be grateful for how blessed we are to be living our dream.

This blog will attempt to chronicle our journeys, the simple life we cherish...between the cottage and the cabin.
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