Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple Pleasures: Freshly Tilled Dirt

Ahhh- a newly tilled garden.  The ability to begin again and plant anew.

Fresh dirt.
Completely and utterly irrestible to tiny toes.

It makes me so happy and proud that my girls
like to wriggle their toes in it just as much as their mom does.

This year I promise you little plants we will take care of you. We will weed...we will water..and we will try our very best when it gets to the middle of August not to think, "I can't wait to start over again next year."


  1. I love your blog - so cute! I wanted to put your button on my blog but for some reason when I copy it I can't get it to work for me?? Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong??

  2. Let the fun begin! So cool that your girls like to play in the dirt with you. Looking forward to seeing how your garden is doing after you get everything planted.

    ~ Tracy


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