Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dollar Store Divine: Ladybug Lemonade Favors

It may be hard to believe that I experinced divine intervention in a dollar store. But I did. Really.
 I am in the midst of planning a little sprinkle for my sister who is about to have her second child and her first girl. I am giddy with excitement. I made the invitations...

We chose a ladybug theme and since it is going to be small, only about twelve people, I thought I could have a little fun with the favors. The sprinkle is at the beginning of the summer so lemonade popped into my head. 
Pink Ladybug Lemonade.
 Cute, right?
So off to the local dollar store I went searching for pitchers and containers for the lemonade.
All I could find were these clear pitchers. Not too bad. But there were only two white lids- not twelve. I decided I could make them work anyway and took twelve off the shelf.

So there I am walking around the store with my arms full of  pitchers when the owner comes up to me.
"You know there are lids for those, right?"
"There were only two on the shelf and I need twelve."
"I keep them in the back. What color you want?"
"Color? There were only white ones on the shelf."
"Yellow. Green. Blue."
"Pink? No, no pink. I'll go check."

Ta-da (hear the angels singing?).... out the owner walks with twelve PINK lids.

Just when I think it can't get any better than this, my little eyes spy a PINK container.
Could it be too good to be true?

Not only was it too good to be true- it was better.

PINK containers with LADYBUGS !!!!
Jump up and down in the aisle and don't care if you look like a lunatic joy!

I still have to find wooden spoons, make little ladybug lemonade recipe favor tags and put it all together. I promise to post it when they are done but finds like these you just want to share. With the universe. Immediately.


  1. This sounds like such a cute theme...I'll be back to find out what else you add to this party!

  2. This sounds so cute and what a dollar store score - can't wait to see your next post.

  3. Just perfect! I shared your post on Twitter, I don't know if you are on Twitter or not. I couldn't find a link in your sidebar. :-)


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