Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Squirrels and Sneak Peeks

Squirrels! Most of the time I pay very little attention to the bushy tailed creatures. They scamper around our yard collecting their acorns, climbing the trees, minding their own business. I didn't bother them and they didn't bother me and it was a very fine relationship we had indeed. Until this...

Remember, my beautiful corn? Take a closer look...

GONE! Every, single piece! I actually caught the little rascals red-handed, chomping away on my corn. Of course, I didn't grab the camera...only a handful of ice from the freezer to try to throw at them. Not that it did any good- all of the damage was done.
 I tried to put a positive spin on the situation for my daughters, saying that we were sharing our corn with the squirrels. They still did not like the fact that there was none left over for us especially since corn on the cob is one of their favorite things to eat. Ugh, bushy-tailed bandits!

So thank you for letting me rant a little...I am starting to feel better already. At least I can use the stalks to decorate in the fall, right?

And if sharing this little set back with you wasn't enough to cheer me up- I have my Home Goods Happiness.  This weekend, Mr. Cabin and I are shipping the girls off to their grandparents for a sleepover so we can surprise them and change their room and put in their "big girl" beds. I had been searching all over the web to find quilts that would match their pink and green room. Re-painting now is just not in the budget. Then on a whim, we went into Home Goods. Here is my Home Goods Happiness and a little sneak peek of the "Big Girls" room makeover to come.


  1. How sad! Those little fluffy tailed rats! Your garden did look amazing. Good for u for looking on the bright side.

  2. Sweet. I cant wait to see the room all put together.

  3. Those rascally squirrels! I can just see them having the time of their life chomping on the corn! The girls will be so surprised!


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