Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Little seems to be slipping through my fingers lately.

While my girls are thrilled to be "growing up"- the new beds, the special trip to buy their first lunch boxes, preschool in the fall...I can't help but feeling overwhelmed and a little saddened by it all. I am utterly grateful they are healthy and growing up as they should be.

But my heartstrings just can't help but be tugged at the thought that they are no longer my babies but now my little girls.

The other day I heard, "Mommy, I just don't know which prince I am going to marry."
I feel like a will blink and she really will be walking down the aisle.

So I try to treasure every moment, soak it all in, write down all the cute things they say but...

wrong or right, just for the moment, I want to keep them... little.


  1. They do grow up wayy to fast! How cute.

  2. You're making me cry. My girls are teenagers. You are right to treasure every minute because it does all go by to fast. Wonderful picture!!

  3. They do grow up very fast. Beware of the teen years. Enjoy them now.

  4. Times goes too quickly! It's nice to hold onto them while they are young! It is really less complicated! Such a tiny little frog. Your daughter is brave! i would have and still won't touch a frog! LOL!! Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Sherri : )

  5. Oh, I remember this feeling so well..I always called these rain frogs.
    Mama Bear

  6. Oh how I wish my boys were little again...they are 29 and 30....makes me want to hug a wee one. Enjoy every moment you have ....they grow up so fast! Such a cute photo!

  7. I can so identify with you. My son will be starting kindergarten. He just informed me to quit calling him my baby boy. Also, he told me he would try to visit me when he at college. Made me want to cry. Oh, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my chair.


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