Friday, February 26, 2010

Inspiration: Garden Show

Went on a little picnic this weekend and bought some flowers for the garden.


As I write this, we are being buried under feet of snow. The photo is from this past weekend when we went to our local flower show. We have been going faithfully for the past several years and I love the reminder that we will not be snowbound forever. Soon, hopefully, I will be able to get some dirt under my nails. The flower show always gives me that extra boost of inspiration at the end of February when I am starting to think I will never see my garden again. Here are just a few of things I found really inspiring this year.

A rustic gazebo of sorts built out of branches. I can totally picture this somewhere on the mountainside.

A closeup of the ferns that were hung on each of the corners.

Some daisies in an arrangement. Just because they are my favorite.

My must-do idea I walked away from the show with this year was to add more sculpture to our garden. I am always hesitant to add any statutes to our garden. I think there can be such a fine line with garden sculpture between just right and too much and I am always afraid I am going to cross that line accidentally. But look at how cute these owls are.
Aren't they a hoot?

And Mr. Ribbit just jumped right into my heart. Love him.

At our show, they even have table centerpiece displays. This was one of my favorites. I love the lanterns hanging from the branches. I always see these lanterns in the store and would love to use them.
 Isn't this a great idea?

Hope you enjoyed our highlights from the show.
I am inspired enough now to get through a few more weeks of winter.

Do you have any place special you go to for inspiration to beat the winter duldrums?

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  1. very nice thank you I enjoyed the show

  2. I've been enjoying Australian blogs where it's summer. Ahhh. I'm so ready for spring!

  3. I built an arbor a lot like this gazebo. We have to thin out some bigger trees. I am going to try this gazebo. I will make sure I link to your post. Great ideas.


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