Sunday, February 7, 2010

Magnetic Kid's Art Wall

As much as I love my children's art projects...I do, I really do... the fact that they were slowly starting to invade all the empty walls of the house was becoming a problem. Especially when the projects had to be attached with tape - lots and lots of tape. Peel off the paint tape. Ugh.
Can't anyone invent child-proof scotch tape?

Enter Rustoleum with this little can of magnetic wonder. It turns any wall, any surface, magnetic.
The best part is, because it is a primer, you can paint over it any color your little heart desires.
My little heart was desiring lime.
Although hubs was a little hesitant to paint anything that bright.
The compromise and the solution- our back entrance way. It is a small pass through from the back garden into the kitchen with two closets; one we use as a pantry, the other as a coat closet.
It was un-used wall real estate: the perfect place to showcase our little budding Picassos.

I hung a few of my vintage tin signs.  Added "PANTRY" and "COATS" to the closets doors with decals.


Goodbye, scotch tape.
Hello, cute little magnets.

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  1. Must get some of that paint!!! Too fun!

  2. I have some that I want to use in my son's room. How many coats did you have to use to get it to stick the magnets well? Thanks for sharing at the Power of Paint Party!


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