Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring at the Cabin

Our first hike at the cabin, felt like spring itself- breathing again after the long winter, renewed and full of possibilty.
On our way to the pond, we explored the meadow and found tiny little streams trickling their way through.

The beaver had been very busy while we were gone. From the bank where we normally fish, I could hear the water tumbling down the other side of the pond. We normally never venture past this side- too treacherous to cross with the little ones when the brush is thick and leaves and branches tangle you up. But in the spring, when there are only buds on the trees, life is different. You can cross to the other side.

In the spring, I could finally see the water tumbling over the edge.
Little baby waterfalls splashing down.

In the spring, fresh, crisp, green new life springs up on the forest floor.

In the spring, tiny hands can catch tiny tadpoles.
Only for a second,  they held them in their hands and giggled as they watched them wriggle.
Too soon, these will be the frogs whose croaks in the distance will lull them to sleep.

 In the distance we  marveled at the beaver's dam and watched the pine trees reflect in the water.

In the spring, Daddy picks us flowers...

...and Mommy takes too long taking pictures when all the girls want to do is keep on exploring.

In the spring, we can hike to the pine tree and follow the deer's hoof prints as we go.

We gaze up into the pine's soft green boughs.

New life and new beginnings all around us.


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