Thursday, January 27, 2011

One of those days...

We are stuck in the house on another snow day and I feel a case of some serious cabin fever about to settle in.
A little dose of "why we love snow days" is in order. Lest we forget why we start wishing for these days in the first place.
First remedy, pile on the marshmellows.
Why just cover the top of your hot cocoa when you can cover the top of your cupcake too?

An extra special sugary snow day treat, is just what the doctor ordered for the girls.
As for this housebound mom, staying in my pjs all day will do just as nicely.


  1. Adorable cupcakes and I second the vote for mom's to get to stay in their PJ's all day!

  2. I think we're the only ones in the country that aren't buried in the white stuff.
    Your cupcakes are so fun! Are those Martha's little snowmen toothpicks? So cute!


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