Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bathroom Make-do

Centsational Girl is hosting a link party on bathroom makeovers. Our upstairs bathroom wasn't a make-over but more of a make-do. This bathroom needs to be gutted completely and totally redone!
 In the meantime,  here are the few things we have done to make it a more enjoyable space.

The bottom half of the walls is yellow FRP.
(I had no idea what that was- I had to ask Mr. Cabin. According to him, FRP is fiberglass reinforced panels. Basically it is vinyl yellow paneling.)
You really can't paint over the FRP so I had to find a way to make it work.
Finding inspiration in the rug I bought, I chose to paint the top half purple. The two colors are a bright combination that works well in the small space.

I brought in the tower from the girl's old nursery. It used to hold diapers and things.
 Now it is the perfect place for the towels and the extra toilet paper.
The dragonfly print and the frog loofahs add a bit of whimsy and fun.


This vanity was white with gold. Yuck!
 So while we wait to rip it out completely,
 a little decorative painting  has become my favorite make-do of all.

Be sure to check out all the rest of the bathroom make-overs at Centsational Girls blog.

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  1. I linked over from centsational girl. I like what you've done until you can completely gut it. I love the tower with the towels.


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