Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Inspiration

This is my grandmother's spoon rest.
Just one of the many treasures I was able to take when we moved her out of her home into assisted living two years ago.

This little carrot inspires me.

It is not so much the carrot itself, although it is darling especially this time of year. My entire life this carrot has been on my grandmother's stove . I like to think about how this little carrot was right there as  my grandmother cooked and served meals for her family year after year. There is a crack in the back and I am sure my grandfather crazy glued it back together for her. I like to wonder about about that little "accident" and think about the story behind it.
I have many treasure from my great-grandmothers dining room set, my grandparent's clock. These are the things that inspire me the most. Far more than any treasure I could ever buy in a store. They represent our real inspiration, the people we love. The reason why we decorate and nest, refresh and renew and seek to create homes that nuture.
So on this Easter weekend filled with bunnies and chicks, eggs and carrots, I share with you my favorite little carrot. I hope it inspires you as well to treasure our true inspirations.
May you enjoy a Happy and Blessed Easter with the people you love.

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