Sunday, November 14, 2010

Party Prep: Placecards and Pearls

The girls' 4th birthday party is less than a week away now and I have mermaids swimming through my thoughts day and night. The girls themselves are giddy with anticipation and that's all that really matters.
The major components of the party have been in place for a few months, now it is time for a few last minute details. I love party details. They can make or break a party for me and they are my favorite part of planning.

Here are the placecards I just made to label all of the food. I tried to name the food to fit in with our mermaid theme as much as possible.

A little curious about this one?

First let me say, I swoon over all those gorgeous candy buffets you see in parties lately- so sweet and pretty.
Here is the beginning of what will be our own mini-mermaid version....pearls.

I picked up a few different size pearl candies for a pick-your-own pearl candy buffet.

The best party tip I have from planning this party is buying a digital scrapbook kit. I am not a digitial scrapbooker and I had never purchased one before but I am so glad I did. I used all the coordinated images for everything- the invitations,  the banner, the placecards, our Soup-er Favors  ...

I did use some of my traditional paper scrapbook supplies too. I cut pretty water paper into strips to make these napkin rings. The girls even helped assemble them by adding little sea creature stickers. 

I like how pretty it looks but it also makes the buffet easier when the cutlery and napkins are together in a pretty little package. I bought a wooden treasure chest to hold them all and some pearls to spill over the side as decoration.
Can't wait to post actual photos from the party- wish me luck,


  1. Very cute. We had a mermaid themed party for my daughter last year. I love all your details!

  2. Can't wait to see it all come together! Keep us posted!

  3. Very cute and sooo CREATIVE! Love the "pearls".


  4. Oh how fun and am I ever jealous! I've never put on a little girl party.
    Have fun!

  5. Looks like it will be magical!! My twins would love it!!


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