Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Rock Wall

Just a little beyond our cabin lies a rock wall, tumbling down and filled with crooks and crevices where our chipmunk friends play hide and seek.

Nothing more than a pile of rocks covered with sweet, green velvet moss.
 But within these rocks, I know there is a story....

Who built this wall?
How long ago?
 What were their lives like?
What did the woods look like then?

Along the path to the pond, lies this rusted bucket. I refuse to move it.
 I like to walk past and think about its previous owners.
These woods were not always ours nor will they always be.

I am always awestruck by the curiousity of the human soul.
 To wonder so much and care so deeply about a person and a family we have never seen, have never meet- the history of this place, the magic of the forest, connecting us together.


  1. I love seeing photos of your cabin! Your forest is beautiful. Lucky you!

  2. I do that too, Michelle! Especially with quilts or stitchery....wonder about the lady that took the time to make it and what her life was like. Your woods are absolutely beautiful....the moss so pretty and green. What a wonderful getaway you have!


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